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Why Shadow is a bad guy in Sonic Forces by grimdragon2001 Why Shadow is a bad guy in Sonic Forces :icongrimdragon2001:grimdragon2001 1 2
Mobius Remix: Endangered Species Part 3 AP
Mobius Remix: Endangered Species Part 3 Alternate Path
On the docks of Albion, Knuckles is seen talking with the citizens and Resistance member who have arrived there as they catch him up on what’s going on. “So everyone is going to Mercia then?” he asks.
“Yes Guardian, Remington is hopeful that their king will offer will offer us some protection.”
“I see, where is he now?” Knuckles asks, concerned.
“He’s at the D.E.L. base with Sonic and Team Fighter, trying to rescue the remaining prisoners, including the Matriarch, your mother.” That statement filled Knuckles with horror. Lein-da had his mother, and would gladly legionize her to get to him. He had to get there, NOW.
“Thanks, I’m going to join them, keep everyone safe until we return.”
“Good luck Gaurdian.”
As Knuckles walks off, a young echidna speaks to Resistance member. “Shouldn’t we go with him?” He asks.
:icongrimdragon2001:grimdragon2001 3 2
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Taking character commissions
Single character with simple background, no nudes, additional characters will add 1000 points per character


Hey, congrads getting the patreon page up. I've been reading the Sonic Retold Story since it started last year, and for the most part, ...


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Why Shadow is a bad guy in Sonic Forces
Basically, Sonic did something he really shouldn't have. He messed with Shadow's bike.  just a quick sketch, but maybe one day ill fully draw it out as a sonic spoof
Mobius Remix: Endangered Species Part 3 Alternate Path

On the docks of Albion, Knuckles is seen talking with the citizens and Resistance member who have arrived there as they catch him up on what’s going on. “So everyone is going to Mercia then?” he asks.
“Yes Guardian, Remington is hopeful that their king will offer will offer us some protection.”
“I see, where is he now?” Knuckles asks, concerned.
“He’s at the D.E.L. base with Sonic and Team Fighter, trying to rescue the remaining prisoners, including the Matriarch, your mother.” That statement filled Knuckles with horror. Lein-da had his mother, and would gladly legionize her to get to him. He had to get there, NOW.
“Thanks, I’m going to join them, keep everyone safe until we return.”
“Good luck Gaurdian.”
As Knuckles walks off, a young echidna speaks to Resistance member. “Shouldn’t we go with him?” He asks.
“It’s far too dangerous for us to do that.”
“But this is our home, First Sonic and his friends offer to fight for us and now the Guardian is to, we should help them defend our home, not run away.”

Sonic feels like he is floating in darkness, no sights or sounds to guide him, no ground beneath his feet. He fears that his time may finally be up, even though there is so much left unfinished. If he’s gone, who will save Sally? Who will stop Naugus or Eggman? The other Freedom Fighters are all strong, but can they really carry on without him? As he ponders these things he begins to hear the faint echo of a voice. Slowly but surely, it grew louder to the point to where he could hear Tails calling his name. Then a bright light surrounded him. When next he opens his eyes, he sees Tails and Amy kneeling next to him, tears in their eyes, although he finds himself a little disoriented.
“Oh good, your awake. We thought we lost you for a minute there” Tails said relieved.
“OH SONIC I WAS SO SCARED!” Amy exclaimed as she hugged her crush tightly.
“Oh geez Amy, I’ve come back from worse than…. Whatever hit me.” Sonic replied trying to calm Amy.
“That was Metal Knuckles.” Tails chimed in.
“Ack, your right! What happened to it?”
“That.” Tails said as he pointed to Metal Knuckles and Shard, who were still gripped in deadly combat. It didn’t take long for Sonic to recognize one of his oldest rivals.
“Is that Mecha Sonic?”
“Yea, Metal Knuckles was about to finish you off before Mecha Sonic slammed it through a wall.” Tails replied.
“At first we thought he was only saving you for himself,” Amy added. “But then while I was trying to stop him, he ended up protecting me.”
“You sure he meant to?”
“Yea, I think he really wants to be good. And whoever he’s working for, wants Sally to be rescued as much as we do.”
“I don’t know what to make of this,” Sonic said, remembering the recent betrayals of Geoffrey and Fiona, “but I do know Mecha Sonic’s giving us an opportunity we can’t squander. Let’s get these people up, over and outta here!”
Just then, a howling roar can be heard as a shockwave runs through Team Fighter, scattering the three. As they look to the source, a hulking purple figure can be seen surrounded by devil dogs, Thrash the Devil. “The only place these echidna trash are going is off Mobius forever!” he snarls at the heroes. “For the good of all Mobians, they must all go EXTINCT!”
“Not happening pal, we don’t do extinction.” Sonic retorted, ready to fight.
“Your funeral mate, SICK’EM!” Thrash ordered as the devil dogs charged at Team Fighter. Amy and Tails began taking it to the dogs as Sonic Spin Dashed right into Thrash. Thrash managed to endure the attack long enough to grab Sonic and slam him hard into the ground. As he went for a follow-up punch, Sonic managed to dodge the blow and fire back quick shots.

As the combatants fought in the courtyard, Lein-da had recovered from the shockwave and was being assisted by her legionnaires. As they managed to remove the clamp covering her mouth, she bitterly said, “They will all PAY FOR THIS!”
“Shall we have the troops attack now?” one of her soldiers asked.
“No, let the fools destroy each other for now and ready the weapon. Where is the Matriarch.”
“We moved her to the hanger when Sonic attacked, per your orders.”
“Excellent, I have big plans for her.” Lien-da said, smirking as she made her way to the hanger.

Meanwhile in the Prison hold, Remington and his troops are locked in a firefight with a group of Legionnaires, led by a legionized Komi-ko. Worse yet all the Legionnaires seem to have blank expressions, showing no signs of personality or life. “Take them down but not out,” Remington orders to his troops, “They all appear to be victims of Eggman’s brainwashing and we can’t lose hope of freeing them.”
As the firefight continues, many of the prisoners are watching fearfully. Their cells were opened, but there with the fighting, escaped seemed impossible. “What are we going to do Papa?” a young girl asks.
“I do not know child,” her father replies, “but right now Remington is our only hope of escape.”
“There must be something we can do to help.” Another echidna says.
“I say we fight, we outnumber them.”
“But they’re armed.”
“I know but look,” one echidna says, pointing to a fallen guard’s weapon. “We can get some weapons and even the odds.”
Carefully, a few of the imprisoned echidnas grabbed the guns lying about and then flanked the Legionnaires, taking them by surprise and stunning all but Komi. With her surrounded, Remington thought it best to try reasoning with her.
“Komi, I know you’re in there. Please fight Eggman’s control. We don’t want to hurt you. We want to help”
Komi’s eyes were blank for a while as she held her gun toward the rebelling echidna, but slowly, flashes of light could be seen within them. Signs that she was indeed struggling to regain control of herself.
“That’s it Komi, fight back. I’m here for you.”
“CH-Chip…. In ….. head.” She began to say, as if speaking was a life and death struggle within itself. “C-can’t …. Fight…. Long…. Just … kill …. Me.” A tear rolling down her cheek as she says this, her pain evident.
“No, I can’t do that. We can help you. Please don’t lose hope Komi.” He said as he walked toward her. As he did, Komi’s eyes went blank again as she pointed her gun toward Remington and fired.
“Constable, Look out!” Saki-te yelled as she pushed Remington out of the way just in time. But in doing so, she put herself in the line of fire, taking the shot right into her chest. As Saki fell back, Komi’s eyes regained their light as she started screaming and crying, the remorse hitting her like a shockwave. The surrounding echidna managed to restrain Komi as Remington held Saki.
“Saki, hang on! We’ll get you help.” Remington said, tears in his eyes. Saki looked up at him and smiled, knowing she didn’t have much time.
“Please……. Tell Komi………. I……… forgive her.” She said as her eyes closed one last time.
“I will Saki,” Remington said, crying “thank you.” Remington then stood up carrying Saki’s body. “We need to get everyone out of here and to the docks, restrain the Legionnaires and bring them along. Hopefully we can save them.”

Elsewhere, Lien-da felt an incredible surge of anguish and pain. She started screaming and fell over, not even knowing where these sensations were coming from.
“Grandmaster, are you alright?” one of her minions asked, concerned, as he helped her up.
“Yes,” she replied, “something must have hit me. One would think Albion’s construction would be sturdier.” “what was their feeling?” she thought to herself as they made their way to the hanger.

Back on the courtyard, Thrash is trying to land a solid blow on Sonic, but the hedgehog’s quickness makes him a difficult target. Sonic has managed a few jabs, but can’t seem to get through the devil dog’s endurance.
Amy and Tails are fighting the devil dogs that came with Thrash, fending off attack after attack.
“there’s no end to these guys” Amy says as she smashes a dozen of the dogs away with her hammer, only to have a few more jump at her from behind. Luckily, Tails manages to intercept them driving them back with a tail attack.
“Don’t worry, I got your back” Tails says confidently before a dog lunges at him from behind only to run into Amy’s hammer.
“And I got yours.” The pink hedgehog says with a wink.
Meanwhile, Thrash lets out a howl that stuns Sonic long enough for Thrash to hit him with a solid punch, sending the blue blur to the ground in a daze. Thrash then picked up a large rock and walked over to Sonic, intent on crushing the hedgehog, but as he did, Knuckles manages to rush in and land a blow on Thrash sending him flying back.
“Thanks for the save Knucklehead, but you’re rather late to the party,” Sonic says as he’s getting up. Knuckles doesn’t respond to the Quip, but instead keeps his attention on Thrash.
“Last time I saw you, you helped us fight Eggman. Why are you helping him now?” Knuckles asks, confused by the fight he walked into.
“I’m not helping Eggman, I’m completing my quest,” Thrash replies, “the removal of Echidna kind from Mobius!”
“Are you crazy? Why would you want to kill all the Echidna?” Knuckles asked, shocked by Thrashes revelation.
“I’m not killin’ anyone mate, just shippin’em off to a diffenert dimension where they can’t harm anyone ever again.” Thrash explains, “You’re the one who made it possible, givin’ me this warp ring here. I was able to find one of Finitevius’s ol’ hideouts and found a way to supercharge it. Needed some energy from the Master Emerald to do it, and lucky enough, your girls were there to help me test it out.”
Enraged by what he just heard, Knuckles lunges at Thrash, slamming him to the ground and punching furiously. “GIVE THEM BACK!!!” he yells, still wailing on the devil dog.
“Nothin doin, but don’t fret none.” Thrash replies before throwing the echidna off, “You’ll be joinin them soon enough, you and the rest of your stinkin kind.”
While Knuckles and Thrash were going at it, Sonic turned his attention to Amy and Tails, who were still fending off the pack of devil dogs. He Spin dashed into the group, quickly taking out a majority of the dogs, giving his friends much needed breathing room.
“Thanks Sonic, those dogs are tough” Tails said.
“No time for that guys, we need to wake the echidnas up and get them out of here” Sonic replied.
“But what about Knuckles?” Amy asked, seeing her friend taking on Thrash.
“Don’t worry, he has this. Let’s do him a solid and take care of his people.”
“Right!” the two said together, and then the three got to work rousing the resistance trooper and prisoners on the courtyard, directing them to the docks. Unfortunately, the DEL members also began to regain their senses and resumed their attack. The devil dogs also resumed their attack, but were not picky about who they went for, attacking DEL and Resistance member alike. Sonic and the crew protected the echidnas but left the DEL to deal with the devil dogs, hoping they could distract one and other.
Meanwhile, Knuckles and Thrash were hitting each other with everything they had. They matched each other punch for punch, blow for blow, neither able to get an advantage. Neither one showing any sign of slowing down.
“I don’t get it Thrash, why are you doing this?” Knuckles asks, still hoping to reason with him. “These people have done nothing to you.”
“Bullocks! Your kind is responsible my species situation.” Thrash retorted angrily. “Your ancestors did something to mine, changed them. Made it so we gave birth to cubs instead of children, none of us knew why. Now I’m the last Mobian Taz around, but if my kind has to go, SO DOES YOURS!” he screamed as he unleashed a vicious attack on Knuckles, one the echidna could barely defend against.
“That’s idiotic,” Knuckles replies as he counters, “Sounds like the ones responsible are long dead, and I know the people here had nothing to do with it, but we could have helped you, we still can if you just drop this stupid revenge bit.”
“Fat chance mate!” Thrash yelled “I’m getting me justice and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!”
Just as Trash said this, Metal Knuckles crashes head first into the taz’s face, sending him tumbling to the ground.
“Whew, that metal monster was a real pain in the tailpipe.” Shard says as he lands next to Sonic.
“Seems like it’s just like the real thing,” Sonic quips in.
“WHAT!” Knuckles yells at the two hedgehogs, then recognizing Shard. “What are you doing here?” He asks as he gets ready to throw down again.
“Time out, I’m on your side now.” Shard quickly replies, trying to avoid an unnecessary fight.
Confused, Knuckles looks to Sonic, “That true?”
“So far,” Sonic replies, “He hasn’t given us any trouble and even helped out a bit.”
“Happy to be of service” Shard chimes in.
“Ok…” Knuckles say, still unsure. “Welcome to the good guys, I guess.”
Just then, Thrash gets up, and with a roar rips the Metal Knuckles in half.
“Oh scrap!” Shard yells, shaken by what he just seen. As the three warriors prepare for the next round, Tail and Amy make it back, having just guided the last of the Echidna out of harm’s way.
“That tears it” Thrash snarls, “First I’m takin the lot of you out, then I’m finishin what I started!”
“The only ones who are finished is all of you!” Lein-da’s voice echo’s through the courtyard, as the ground starting to rumble as from behind the building, a large robotic beast approaches. It looks like a large echidna with a serpents tail for a lower half and snake head at the end of each dreadlock, the Egg-Medusa. More frightening to Knuckles, he notices his mother has been chained to the chest of the beast. How will our heroes face this monster? Tune into the next part and find out.
Mobius Remix: Endangered Species Part 3 AP
the next part in my Alternate Path story, Knuckles has landed on Albion, but is he too late to help?

Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Tails all belong to Sega
Story based on the Archie Comics, Sonic the Hedgehog series and all characters from that series featured here belong to Archie Comics

Previous chapter…
Been working hard on the next part to Endangered Species Alternate Path, and hope to get it done by Monday if not sooner
6 deviations
concept Mecha Blade
trying to get an idea of how Blade's roboticized form looks like. While this form goes all the way back to his origins and i have the idea of how he should look in my head, its hard to get it down on a visible format still. guess ill have to keep trying. but here is a rough idea


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